Lexad Group

Lexad Group is a global investment firm with deep roots in private equity, diversified capabilities, and an impressive track record. Lexad Group has decades of financial and operational experience, broad industry knowledge, and a powerful network of global relationships. We partner with highly motivated management teams and entrepreneurs to design and implement strategic and operational goals that will take businesses to the next level of growth and beyond. Through this integrated approach, we work closely with companies and investment partners around the world to deliver better investments, stronger businesses, and shared success.

Private markets are our core strength that we continue to build upon, enhance, and evolve. Our objective is to invest in high-quality businesses and to partner with company management to grow and improve our companies for the long-term. We have a record of accomplishments that distinguishes us as creative and innovative investors. Lexad Group succeeds by adapting to a range of economic environments, entering new markets, and finding creative solutions to meet the needs of the companies in which we invest.

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